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Are you tired of wondering whether the career you chose is right for you? Bouncing from company to company? Feeling stressed, unhappy, lost, and confused? Don’t know how to choose a career or get out of the one you despise?



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You can create the life and career you want! After you read this book, you will be able to know your core self, identify what you truly want, build a job and career aligned with your true purpose in life, and finally have the outcome you have always wanted.

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You can create the life and career you want!
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I had some HUGE obstacles in my way. Anastasia knows how to dig out the true obstacles. My entire perspective on life changed, while holding fast to my own values. Very professional on time, she took even the smallest things seriously and I truly felt that she wanted to see me succeed. Thank you!
She is amazing, I have only been working with her for a few weeks and I feel like she has done so much and taught me so much. She makes me feel like I am better than I felt like I was. Anastasia is an amazing persona and I want to be be around her so I can go in the right direction and learn so much and change my life.
Anastasia really knows how to dig deep and bring out my true self. She simplifies thoughts I felt were really complex. I’ve benefited immensely from the coaching calls- each time we talk I get more clarity, I’m given actionable steps toward achieving my goals that are not overwhelming.
Anastasia always is sure to remind me to be present first, then everything else will follow, which seems small but makes a big impact. She asks the right questions that help hone in on finding your true passions and gives great feedback with respect to how to pursue your dream life.
You don’t know how much better your life can be and having someone skilled like Anastasia to be a guide and sounding board really makes a difference in saving time and energy with getting results. It is well worth it. You will not be disappointed!
Anastasia helps me get results quickly rather than having ideas bounce around in my head and not go anywhere. With business ideas, Anastasia gives me actions to put me on the path to starting and growing that business.
Anastasia has been a GREAT help in guiding me back to me. I didn’t realize how detached from myself I really was. Every meeting has brought me closer, I actually look forward to meeting with her.
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Are you afraid of making the wrong decision?

If your choice is coming from your true, authentic self, then there is no wrong decision.

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