What is it about the future that you feel so uncertain of that would give you sweat stains? Could it be financial? Physical? Relationship based? Or simply, the unknown?
Let’s learn how to harness your anxiety and change it into something that will enhance your life…

Well, start regulating your breathing and calm down. Truth be told anxiety originates from FEAR. When you are anxious or overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions it comes from the fear of the unknown. You don’t have certainties in your future, occurrences, and NO control whatsoever of the predicament you are facing right now. So, the bottom line is that you fear losing complete control of something.

There are 3 steps to turning your feelings into positive influences:

Step 1: Goals
Whatever it is that you are so anxious about is exactly your goal! IF you are worried about getting your credit card paid off THAN your goal is to get that credit card paid off! IF you are currently injured and worried that you cannot do the same things that you used to do THAN your goal is to get yourself healthy, in rehab, and BACK to a point (even if it is different) to where you CAN do whatever is your missing!

So, write down RIGHT NOW, THIS INSTANT, what your hurting from and change the words to where it becomes a positive goal — do NOT say works like: no, don’t, can’t, won’t because you want it to be completely positive. Now write you goals in details. Details are key, they keep you on track and they give you a PLAN to follow.

Step 2: Motivation

This is NOT as hard as is sounds or feels! You have so much energy built up in worry and stress with your anxiety. USE IT! Twist and mold your energy to a productive one, instead of a destructive. You don’t have to be the happiest person on the planet, but you do have to be the most motivated you have ever been in your life. Visualize it, speak it, and feel how your goal would be if it was accomplished. THAT is your motivation. To have relief. Imagine yourself and all your senses as a whole feeling completely free of all anxiety towards that one worry. You may not be able to tap into turning that negative energy around right away, but keep working at it. Keep that goal in mind and literally feel and visualize that motivation pushing you, pulling you, and getting you to do what needs to be done to accomplish that goal.

Step 3: Determination

The last step. You may think that determination is not so different from motivation. You could not be more wrong! Your goals are WHAT you want to accomplish, your motivation is HOW you will accomplish your goal, but your determination is what will MAKE you accomplish your goal. Goals and motivation will get you going, but determination is what is going to get you over those bumps and set backs along the way — yes, you will MOST LIKELY have set backs. Determination is what pushes you through those bumps and over that ridge to the top of that mountain and, WOW! You will accomplish your goal.

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