We have high points and low points throughout our lives. No one is immune to it. If you were not aware that you were human than I’m sorry to break the news to you. Even the greats like Tony Robbins and Opera can get into a funks but what makes them different is they have found ways to break free of funks so they can get back to the great work that they do in the world!

You can do great things in the world but if you find yourself getting into frequent funks you can get discouraged which leads to lack of motivation, and ultimately thoughts of quitting arise. I don’t want you to quit what feels authentic to your purpose in life!

These few steps can help you get out of your funk, get off the couch, away from the TV and get more motivation and propel you towards fulfilling your purpose, your meaning, in life.

Step 1 — Accept it!

Obviously, if you are reading this post you are aware you are in a funk but have you fully accepted it? You know what they say, “first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.”

Accept that you have a problem. Understand it is OK to feel this way, you are human afterall. Once you have identified the problem, accept that you are feeling this way it is not time to make the CHOICE to get out of the funk.

Your mind has to make the choice first before anything else can follow. When your mindset has changed move immediately into the next step!

ab-coaching-image2Step 2 — Get moving!

Being funky usually means you are moving your body less by sitting on the couch, watching TV, checking out Facebook and YouTube for hours on end — take it from me, you can spend 5 hours on Facebook and Youtube!

The point is you are too sedentary. TV and the internet are great ways to “numb” the mind, but it doesn’t help your mind and self to be funk-free once you stop binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix.

Start with a walk. Walk around the block, then the next block, then the next block. If you can, walk to your nearby grocery store and buy a banana or apple then eat the fruit on your way back home (don’t buy junk food when you do this because you are just adding to the unbalanced chemistry in your brain).

Just a walk or bike ride gets your mind to think of solutions instead of focusing on the problem. Humans are moving creatures and we don’t move enough.

Step 3 — Get away!

You have shifted your mindset and taken action to start moving. Now it is time to remove yourself and change your environment. I don’t mean that you need to move across the world and start a new life — unless you have been in a funk for years and need a new start to life then I highly encourage this — but get out of your surroundings, even if it is just for a full day.

I live by the mountains and getting away into the mountains seems to be the cure for me. If you live anywhere near nature and can get there, GO! Beach, lake, mountain, wheat field or park. Spend a whole day, if not more, away from your house preferably by yourself. Enjoy your surroundings and nature.

We get caught up in the busy lives we have with work, in town or city and forget that rebalancing ourselves is simply just to get away and be with nature. Studies have shown that if you spend 7 days camping completely away from all technology your biological clock resets and you become more refreshed, wake up to the sunrise and you increase your energy levels

ab-home-image5Finally — Have fun!

This is not necessarily a step you have to take but who doesn’t like to have fun!? Having fun with your family, friends or on your own is important. What is the point in life if you don’t feel like you are progressing with your goals and having fun doing it? Funks can be from the monotony of everyday life. Mix it up and take time to do some self-care, have fun and enjoy the times when you are not in a funk.

The sad news is, you will have another funk. We are human and that is life. However, you can make the choice to get out of the funk by remembering these three steps and taking action! Just do it! Turn off the tv, walk away from this blog post RIGHT NOW, go outside and start with Step One.

If you have just returned from your walk, jog or bike ride I am giving you special KUDOS! If you haven’t, it is OK. You just need to start with step one, admitting and recognizing your in a funk.

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