You Are A Superhero – I Can Prove It

Dear Millennial Entrepreneur, That's right, a new Facebook Live show has arrived and Anastasia (me) is the host. The purpose of the show, EntrennialU is for Millennial Entrepreneurs (Entrennials) to find the resources and tools needed in this dynamic business world to accelerate and magnify impact! Our first show is [...]

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Empowering Yourself For The #MillennialWorld

Guest blogger, Valeria Sims is one powerful chica! She also knows and can relate to Millennials. Check out her message... You ask the question, who are the Millennials? Millennials are “Connection-Rich, Purpose-Filled, and Community-Centered.” The facts on this generation in the United States is that millennials are the largest generation, [...]

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Millennials are Tired of the Bullshit: Breaking the Financial Mold

A smart and capable Millennial smells then chooses to refuse a once perfect wine, now vinegar-ed. Aghast, the older generations swear that nothing has tainted its delectable profile, but the change is obvious to the newbie - she’s not as naive as everyone thinks. When the words “wealth accumulation” and [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions: Tackle your Student Loan Debt with these Tips!

There is no shortage of information out there on how to tackle student loan debt. But one of the biggest challenges in tackling student loan debt, and often debt in general, is simply making a good plan and seeing it through. Here are just a few tips to help you [...]

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Why Businesses are Going Social and How To Impact Your Community by Doing What You Love

How To Impact Your Community by Doing What You Love Last year, I quit my job and moved to Panama to start a business that would make a global difference. I am a millennial, and many of my fellow millennials are employed somewhere wishing their work would make a great [...]

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What The Most Public Job Interview of All Mankind Can Teach Us

Guest blogger, Prof. Peter Nez tells all on how you can land the job you want simply by these simple 3 rules! Peter says... Every election year we see the most influential variable in determining a winner manifest in the form of three highly publicized events where what’s on paper [...]

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