How To Impact Your Community by Doing What You Love

Last year, I quit my job and moved to Panama to start a business that would make a global difference. I am a millennial, and many of my fellow millennials are employed somewhere wishing their work would make a great impact in society if it isn’t already. We are the generation who grew up wearing Toms, consciously aware of issues around the globe whether we have travelled there physically or via the web. Ultimately, we want a better world and as we are becoming the leaders of this age, our purpose is on the forefront of our agenda.

PURPOSE drives us in creating businesses and doing our job.

While making money is crucial for the sustainability of any business, it is not the only or even the most important reason it exists. Businesses are becoming more conscious and are looking to go beyond just making a lot of money. This is happening by solving issues within a community or even a global issue. We are seeing trends of businesses creating commercial opportunities to solve a problem (social enterprise) as well as commercial and business models to fix environmental issues. Business leaders are transparent in their stand on social issues and authentically share their values and thoughts to bring about positive change. What establishes the purpose of a business is the heart of its leaders.

You can’t solve an issue unless you know what the PROBLEM is

Today’s entrepreneurs are aware of issues happening around them. Our (millennial) generation will lead and inspire companies to stick wholeheartedly to morals and ethics, lead authentically, and increase profits by aiming to make a difference in their communities.

We as millennials believe business is about SERVING people

Whatever line of work you are in you must have a vision for people. Your business should operate as a tool to better the lives of others no matter what type of service you provide.

Though having a vision for yourself is great, developing one for your clients, the people you want to serve, can be a game changer. Your work/business cause should become less about your own goals as you concentrate on the difference you can make in the world.

You have the ability to make a huge difference and BE the change within your community! Find purpose in your work or do something purposeful! Love what you do and the money will come.

About the Author:

Michael R. Erwin, author of upcoming book, The Ultimate Dividend: How Charitable Equity Will Help You Boost Your Bottom Line.

Michael has a passion for connecting people and helping them find the fire that burns within. At a young age, he found his passion for people and business while at a squatter camp in Africa. There he looked around and saw so many people of potential; so many forgotten people who had the potential to be great if only they were provided the right resources, education, and opportunity.

It was there that Mike began a journey to find like-minded people whose visions aligned and who would jointly go after their dreams to serve others.

Born in Tyler, TX, Mike’s dream is global; to transform communities for better around the world and ignite the passions in others to do the same.

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