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Millennial Coaching with Anastasia Button

Helping Millennials and Millennial entrepreneurs discover what they want their ideal life and career to be by knowing their authentic-core and help them exploit their passions so they can gain a career and life that is more than meaningful that will generate significant income.

Life & Career Coaching:

After using Anastasia Button’s simple coaching processes and tools to identify your authentic self, purpose, and desires, your career follows easily through strategic networking, mentorship, education, follow through, and a great support system.  

You can create the life and career you want! After just one session – if you are willing to do the work – you will be able to know your core-self, identify what you truly want, see how you can build a job and career aligned with your true purpose in life, and finally feel the outcome you have always wanted begin to manifest. Then the fun work will begin!

Get started with Anastasia Button
  • Identify your true desires and discover them faster than you think.
  • Have purpose in life and career, understand why it matters and find it no time.
  • Have tools to use to plow through obstacles you have battled for years.
  • Find the people who will get you what you want faster.
  • Gain the right education for yourself — which can include skipping the college degree.
  • Become a top performer in your career and industry!
  • Manifest a future that will not be one of settling, but thriving!

All current coaching clients are allowed 20% to all of Anastasia’s Consulting, LCC workshops, seminars, events and products (not including coaching programs).

Anastasia is highly dedicated to her coaching clients. With this in mind, she limits her client load to ensure they get all of the focus they need. See if you can get on the roster today!

Progressive Entrepreneur Coaching:

All coaching programs are customized to the entrepreneur and their business. If you are looking to start a business or bring your current business to the next level than this coaching program is going to change your business and life to be fulfilling, progressive and high in profits.

Your business thrives from you, the entrepreneur. So clarity on who you are authentically and what you want in your life and business will lead you to understand WHY you are in business. Learning how to lead with your why will result in having a successful business that attracts customers and business partners to you. Finally feel the outcome you have always wanted to manifest. You will leave every session wondering why you ever worried.

Your inner work will transpire to more sales and efficient process, which grants you the lifestyle you have desired when you began your entrepreneurship!

  • Have purpose in life and business, understand why it matters and find it in no time.
  • Generate more sales, take home more income and continue your revenue growth.
  • Have tools to use to plow through obstacles you have battled for years in business.
  • Become a top performer in your career and industry.
  • Manifest a future in business and live where you thrive.

Benefits of entrepreneur coaching:

  • Business Development
  • Niche Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales and Marketing Growth Strategies
  • Raising Capital to Finance Your Business Needs
  • Finding and Developing a Team as Dedicated to Your Growth as You Are
  • Product Development and Creating “Must Have” Solutions
  • Creating and Attracting Lifelong Customers
  • Creating and Attracting Lifelong Customers
  • Improved Network with Opportunities
  • Mind-Storming for Ideas and Clarity
  • Access to all of Anastasia’s Content
  • Access to Anastasia’s Network

Entrepreneur clients receive 30% off all products, added tickets, events, etc. Attendance to workshops, seminars, and other events by Anastasia Button VIP access included with ticket purchases.  

Referral Program

When coaching clients refer any of Anastasia’s coaching programs and that referral becomes a new coaching client, the referring client will receive a FREE COACHING SESSION.  Now that’s incentive!

Are you tired of wondering whether the career you choose is right for you?  Bouncing from company to company?

let’s find your answers!