Have you thought of creating a podcast?

Podcasts, as the world is discovering, is a great way to get your thoughts into the world, change lives and even promote business. But really, why create one?

I came to this question only a few days ago. I convinced myself that I didn’t have time for a podcast and so I wasn’t going to have one but I knew that to help promote my business and get the content I have created (great content btw) out into the world that I needed to create a podcast.

And so one day, like every other day, I’m in my car and I think of something that I just have to get out! I usually record myself on my phone or simply just talk to myself – yup, I talk to myself ALL the time! However, this time I paused. I asked myself, “why don’t I record this on video then transfer it to an audio that can go into a podcast!?”

I know what you are thinking…

‘Why haven’t you thought of that before?’ Well, I have thought of it and people have told me to do it so why was this moment different? To be honest, it was time to stop making excuses and unleash more of my authentic self to the world!

If you have heard me speak, read my book, seen my blogs or had a conversation with me you know I am an evangelist on unleashing your authentic self. Well, sometimes you find moments where you are still hiding a bit of yourself. No longer will I allow myself to be hidden. I believe in walking how you talk and I am not going to stop doing that now.

So I’m announcing the all new podcast on Soundcloud!
Cruising with Anastasia is the name of my podcast because I am the most inspired when I am in deep conversations, publically speaking or driving in the car. Since I cannot really make a podcast when doing the first two I decided I need to make my podcast when I’m driving.

So, thank you for being my passenger on a cruise towards an authentic life, overcoming obstacles, unleashing your authentic self and fulfilling your purpose in life within this great #MillennialWorld where we live.

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I look forward to the many trips we will take together

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