To degree or not degree? That is the college question.

Millennials… the most educated generation of all time.

Millennials may be the most educated but they are also the most indebted, and underemployed. They have the most opportunity available to them yet they struggle to find success and a rent-paying job.

This all seems like such a conundrum: most educated yet cannot find a job?

The vast majority of the debt comes from student loans, obviously, since they are the most educated, right? So most Millennials who approach me in this modern #MillennialWorld have degrees or are currently in school or are thinking of attending. The majority of Millennials who come to me after I’ve delivered a speech, spoken to a group or presented as a company consultant ask me one of two questions:

1) How can I find a job of my dreams when I have a degree in something else?


2) I want to go into business and be an entrepreneur. I already have a degree from attending a university but please tell me, do you recommend I go to college and get a degree in business?

Both questions deal with education. Bob Proctor, a very successful businessman and multi-millionaire has said, “Our school system has been designed as an environment to enlighten young minds, to replace ignorance with understanding and thereby improve the quality of life. Our educational system has obviously been successful in many areas. However, it has woefully neglected one important subject, how to earn money.

Bob couldn’t be more right. I’ve been there. I assumed to no one’s fault that I should go to college, graduate, get a great job, make loads of money because I have a college education and live life to the fullest. When I graduated with a Bachelor’s in History my story became that of what most Millennials face: graduated with a degree, but couldn’t find a job, so I settled for a job or two that I didn’t like; began to try and find a way out but the only thing that comes to mind and what was suggested to me was to get a Master’s or another Bachelor’s degree.

Jobs in our #MillennialWorld have changed. Business, commerce and the economy on a worldwide level have changed drastically. Jobs are moving to being paid based on productivity rather than clocking in and out. Companies want people who can connect with other professionals and network towards resources rather than flash a GPA or report card.

Jobs are results-driven not time-driven… 

… meaning they want people who are very resourceful, creative thinkers, communicators and leaders. Some education centers are catching up on this idea and are now placing many of their degree programs in co-spaces and educational co-spaces. Galvanize’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado calls their co-space centers educational centers where students from Colorado University or Denver University chill and work because of what they provide.

Like Galvanize, these new educational hubs are primarily for companies and professionals. If you wish to be a programmer or any player in the fields of tech and innovation you might want to look at tech “co-spaces” like Galvanize where they have classes on coding, how to have an entrepreneurial mindset, make connections and speak to others in your fields to gain ideas. These spaces are, essentially, the new universities and they are popping up like fireworks on New Years Eve!

Back to the questions…

When someone approaches me and asks one of the two questions I mentioned above I simple ask the question, “why do you feel like you need a degree for a career change?” Is it because that is what school, mom and dad told you as you grew up and were conditioned to think so?

It is simply a result of innocent ignorance. To no one’s fault we have been conditioned to think college and universities are the only paths. In reality parents don’t keep up with Business Times or the Wall Street Journal, see the business and economic trends as affecting the job market and think of their kids when they are about to graduate high school. Most school counselors or teachers are disconnected from what is available and modern in terms of education opportunities for the coming generations – some are pretty savvy.

As all things there are exceptions to those who need degrees like nursing and structural engineering however the business and economic trends are pointing everything towards entrepreneurship or independent contractors as the “work force”.

So, when I ask my inquisitors, “why do you feel like you need a degree for a career change?” It really depends on the answer. Majority feel they need to go to school for success but the truthful answer is, probably not. What really needs to happen is for you, the Millennial or student, is to identify what your purpose and meaning in life is so you can leverage it to find a career that is fulfilling to your life. Once you are able to find your purpose you know which direction to take or even just the first steps.

You can find your purpose with just 20 Questions! You can find them in the first few chapters of my book, #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan For Success. You can reserve a FREE downloadable version HERE.

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Always rooting for you,

Anastasia Button