I have been watching a lot of Criminal Minds lately. If you don’t watch it keep it that way. It is SO addicting. It is about special FBI agents who are heavily trained to profile and catch serial and other unique killers. They delve into the crime’s evidence but also go deep into the serial killer’s histories, work, homes, diaries, Facebook posts, and so on to hunt down these disturbed killers.

So I became curious about how I would profile myself! I can assure you that I am not a serial killer, but this is what I discovered…

I decided to use the thing I use most to profile myself through my purse — stay with me boys. First thing I realized is that I absolutely hate calling my bag a ‘purse.’ The term purse drives me nuts! It sounds so dainty and I am anything but dainty. I like to think of myself as a low-maintenance, simple, easy-going, fun, and energetic person.

But then I began to look at my bag and everything inside of it. Based on all the extensive amounts training I have received from Criminal Minds I quickly realized that I am a completely different person than I thought!

My bag completely impractical as it is just a hole. It’s huge! I put something in it and it is stupid to think I will ever find it again — I’m sure you can relate if you are or have a mother. Instead of taking the painstaking hours of pulling everything out I just poured the contents of the bag onto the floor. I took a step back from the immense pile on the floor and I saw my laptop, power chords, papers, pens, my large wallet, my huge Samsung Note 4 cell phone, bunches of random receipts, other curious items, a few french fries and a handful of… unidentifiable fluff?

This bag is a mess! It is also rather dysfunction. I place the strap of my bag on my shoulder and it ALWAYS slips off. I continuously have to pull it back up or just hold the handles in my hand which is rather tiring — especially since I have my entire life in there! It is dark, awkwardly huge, and stuff falls out of it all the time (and to counter this I would pack more into it because less falls out). It’s just a vicious cycle of clutter!

After my analysis of my bag I decided this was not going to work so I ran to the closest clothing store and I bought a new bag. I down-graded to a bag that would fit my needs.

My new bag is smaller but holds all that I need: my phone, wallet, pens, and business cards. The bag is also bright in color! Before my large bag was dark blue and this new one is white and teal. I loved how small is was and the fact that is has a long shoulder strap, plenty of pockets. It doesn’t feel gloomy like the one I had before. I went from big and messy to small and functional.

I pulled some research from the “ever-so-reliable” source, COSMO. Various articles say that “women who go for bright colors tend to be fun loving, friendly and approachable” and “women who have smaller purses are more productive.”

Looking at my bag and looking at myself and the recent change in my psyche it makes sense why I have changed to this bag. I was in a dark, depressed state and I wasn’t sure what I was doing with my life! I had a job I hated, moved to a new town where I knew no one, and I still had not accomplished in life what I wanted at this point. However, my attitude changed and I felt more motivated and productive so the dark bag of shear abyss was not going to reflect my lifestyle and especially my psyche

You may not notice this, but when you are depressed and in a dark hole you gravitate towards things that DO NOT improve your state — even down to something as insignificant as a purse.

Look at what you have around you. How the interior of your home looks. Is it a complete mess or rather organized? How about your wardrobe? Are you wearing plenty of hoodies to hid your winter belly fat? What about the inside of your car, desk, even your wallet? Is it messy and not being maintained? Take a look at all these areas of your life and compares your current life. What is going on? Are you in balance?

COSMO calls a woman who has her life well balanced and demonstrates productivity an Elegant Clutch Lady because she has enough confidence to not worry about carrying her whole life in her bag — or in my opinion on her shoulders.

I look forward to the day that I can call myself an Elegant Clutch Lady. I hope you as a person can also do the same.

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