The Job markets are getting better but jobs still seem to be hard to find. Why?

Here is the answer to what’s up with the job market and how you can benefit from it!


Jobs exist, yes, but they do not exist as they used to. This is not necessarily because immigrants are taking jobs or from corporation cutbacks; it is because the job market has changed drastically and especially in the last 5-8 years! This is mostly due to cell phones service and other mobile devices technology. Atlantic Magazine had an article on recent graduates in 2012 stating, “About 1.5 Million or 53.6 % of bachelor’s degree holders, under the age of 25, were jobless or underemployed last year” (see census numbers here).


It has been a few years since the article was written but the percentage has not changed much. College degrees and how we thought to obtain jobs has changed. Jobs used to be the typical 9-5, 5 days a week. The Internet is taking over the majority of how business and companies operate and even dictates how money will be moved about the work force. It makes sense that the job market “should” change as well as creating more integrated Internet and mobile device connections for workflow and accessibility.


In the past jobs were based on clock in and clock out formats but today many businesses are moving to be more production based rather than time based. The workers in the workforce are paid based on their productivity. The better you do and more you produce within a specified time frame the more you get paid and vice-versa, and the less you produce the less you get paid.


These 9-5 timeframe jobs are also moving towards independent contractor (1099, independent contractor) positions. For example, if you look at receptionists and desk attendants working within companies, and this is especially true for residential rentals and apartment businesses, these positions are being outsourced from their front desk receptionists to someone who works from home and answers the phone for 10 or more companies. Generally, it is more efficient for the business and the receptionist has a more flexible schedule. The downside is the receptionist has to find clients which means that they decide how much or how little money they make depending on how many clients they contract.


Receptionists and desk attendants are not the only positions and industries that are being outsourced.  Areas such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, web programming and graphic design are frequently outsourced. Most of these positions are going to India – making a call to your cable company and the first caller is someone from India, right? However, corporations who outsource are looking for large staff. If you have a certain set of skills, say as a receptionist, you could outsource yourself to 10 or more different smaller companies who are in need of a talented receptionist who can multi-task. Don’t worry there are simple software and services out there that are affordable to do this.


If you want to get paid more for less time “clocked-in” be seen as the leader in your industry. By being a leader you attract more business and money to come to you. If you decide to be a leader and gain the skills necessary then you need to look into being an independent contractor. I’ll be honest it may take some upfront preparation and work, but once you have your foundation established – documentation, bank account set-up, social media profiles built and a simple website developed – you can make more money than working a 9-5 job, easily.


It may be hard to think of shifting from the idea of working for a company, having benefits, a great salary and having a 2-week vacation every year; but I must ask you; Do you want to have stability and fluid income in the next 20 years? Or do you want to continually look for a job that does not match what you truly want to do? And lastly, do you want to keep searching for a job that does not bring fulfillment into your life or meaning in life?


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