Job searching can be stressful. It is especially stressful when you apply to dozens of jobs but in all the interviews you are not sure which company is the best choice. Benefits and a good salaries are great but those are the easy things to find. When it comes to finding a company or position that you will love you need to take a look at these 3 things to know if the job is a perfect match!

  1. Look at the company culture.

Salary and benefits don’t mean a thing if you don’t mesh well with the company culture. Check out their websites, social media, YouTube and look for some employees on LinkedIn. See if you would fit well with the company’s culture and personal. If they are conservative or informal go with the one that matches how you work well. We all want a sense of belonging and friendships within the workplace but we tend not to look at these aspects when we get a job offer so we can make the best decision.

  1. Does the company’s purpose and mission match yours?

It doesn’t make a lick of sense if you work for a company when you disagree with their products, services or mission. This aspect boils down to who you are. What is important for you to accomplish for yourself and the world?  Does the company you are applying to at least align or complement your aspirations? If not, you should look elsewhere. The happiest workers make the best workers which benefits everyone. So it is better feel that you are progressing in what you care about than getting the largest salary.

  1. Does the company allow for creativity?

So many times people feel trapped or placed in a box because their creativity is limited at work. If you have ideas and want to make suggestions be sure that the company you are looking at allows you to tap into your creativity and utilize it! Yes, sometimes this is more of a management issue but you want to ensure that the company itself wants their workforce to have creativity and to pitch ideas. Who really wants to work for a close-minded workplace?


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These 3 tips will help you get started when it comes to finding a job that matches you! Now, how are you going to find these jobs? and are OK sources, but if you REALLY want to find that dream job then here are some of the best places to look today:

  1. LinkedIn – search job titles.
  2. Head-hunters & Recruiters.
  3. Your personal network on Facebook & Twitter.

When you check out these sites and find the jobs you really want here are the things you need to see if they would be a good match for you!

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