Kremmling, Colorado

In 2002 the population amounted to 1,100 people and that included the surrounding cattle ranches and mountain homes.

Downtown Kremmling, Colorado

Downtown Kremmling, Colorado

When I was 13-years-old my mother moved us from the Denver metropolis to a small cow-town, Kremmling. I was just about to enter high school and as a teenager girl going through her second year of puberty I was not a happy camper. We lived in town, thankfully, but I was bored and scared to start school in a new place where I only knew one other person in high school: the daughter of my mother’s friend from college, the only connection we had to the town.

The first few weeks of school were tough and I reacted badly. I was introduced to the drama filled ‘bad kids’ of a high school that only encompassed 120 students, in total! Instead of going home where I was an only child and daughter of a single out-of-town working mother I created trouble at school. Nothing malicious, but enough to get detention from being disrespectful and a smart-ass. All energy was pointed towards my science teacher, Ms H. Science was the last class of the day and I would be disrespectful and be punished with detention where I would clean her classroom.

After a few weeks of this behavior Ms. H caught on – I mean, she wasn’t dumb. She started asking how I was doing, what was bothering me and finally asking why I didn’t want to go home. The answer was, I didn’t want to be alone. The friends I did make I wasn’t too fond of and felt miserable in the small town where everyone knew… well, everyone! Ms. H became my first mentor. I didn’t divulge a lot of my teenage ‘problems’ but she was someone who helped me through a time that simply sucked.

A few months later, and much advice from Ms. H, I had made quality friends who were not in the drama scene, not getting into trouble and were more on my brainwave than anyone else I had met up to that point in my life. At the end of my freshman year my mother insisted that I give Ms. H a thank-you present for giving me mentorship. So we bought her a very small houseplant in the plastic container it came in. She was very thankful.

Fast forward to high school graduation day

I had 3.5 great years in high school, made lifelong friends, gained an adopted sister who was my best friend, became more emotionally intelligent and was ready to head to college.

Directly after graduation I held a little party at my house to celebrate. I invited friends, family and especially my teachers. I didn’t expect them to come as there were a whomping 26 kids in my graduating class (sarcasm is healthy folks). However, early in the party Ms. H arrived! She even brought me a graduation present – a HUGE houseplant with long vines, large green leaves and a beautiful but heavy pot. Most of my gifts comprised of jewelry, gift cards to bookstores and so a plant was rather unique. I said, “thank you” and Ms. H quickly replied, “I don’t think you understand the significance of this gift. It has been a while after all.”

Not actual plant but I don't have photos from 10 years go! :)

Not actual plant but I don’t have photos from 10 years go! 🙂

Mr. H continued, “You gave me this exact plant your freshmen year as a thank-you. Just like you it has grown from something small and unsure to a gorgeous and brilliant plant.

“Over the years it has grown so much the vines were all over my house trailing from one side of the living room to the other and back again! Just by giving it some water, TLC and room to grow it has become something amazing.

“This plant reminds me of you. Once you were given some room you flourished into an amazing and wonderful woman. I know you will live your dreams and be great as long as you give yourself some room, water and some TLC.”

In the ten years since graduation day

anastasiabutton-3d-stack-coverI have followed Ms. H’s advice and remember her words of wisdom to, “give yourself some room, water and some TLC.” In a month my first book will be published, I am an international speaker, Millennial career coach and business consultant and have been offered my first quarter of a million dollar deal to recruit, hire and train a 9,000 Millennial sales force. All of this was achieved because I had mentorship in my youth – not that I recognized it at the time. 😉 


To all those who feel like they are struggling, insignificant, alone and fearful know that you just need allow yourself a little room to grow. Find a mentor or two. Give yourself water to fuel your dreams, goals and ambitions. Above all, be sure you have others give and you give yourself the needed TLC. Continue to grow into your authentic self and live the life that you desire most.

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