We Are Living In A Social Media World – Guest Blogger, Jennifer Seeley Tells All About Millennial Business Promotion!

Tweet, Link, Post, Share, Swipe, Chat, Congratulate, Hashtag. With a new generation of businessmen and women coming into the workforce, social media is one of the top ways that millennials are promoting themselves and their businesses. So what is it about social media that is so appealing to the millennial generation and others?

First, it’s quick, easy, and convenient.

With the touch of a hand or a click of a button, dishing about life is at your fingertips. Deals may be done and purchases may be made all in a few seconds and from just about any location in the world, as long as a cellular network is in range.

Second, social networks have become sources from which people around the world get their news and information.

According to The Press Institute, 88 percent of millennials get their news from Facebook, 83 percent from YouTube, and 50 percent from Instagram. In using social media to get news and information, readers are also exposed to a variety of opinions and outlooks on every topic imaginable. People may also see what is relevant to their friends and family and then disseminate the information that they find important.

Third, social media has made the world smaller.

In this day and age, people may connect with others all around the world almost effortlessly. Back in the day, it was pen-pals, today it’s friends or connections on social media. People across the globe are brought together because of a mutual interest or topic that is being discussed. They may see and hear stories from around the world and tailor what they follow to what they care about and what is relevant to their life.

Last, social media is about building relationships, both personally and in business. Everyone knows that people do business with people that they like, know, and trust. The millennial generation has got the formula down:

  • Engage Your Audience + Provide Quality Information + Share Who You Are = Clients or Customers.

Relationships are the building blocks crucial to any business, and social media lends itself to sharing information immediately and conveniently. If done correctly, marketing and sales endeavors will not threaten your target audience but rather will draw them in.

The rules of business, marketing, and advertising are changing, so why not change with the times. We live in a fast-paced world. It’s time to test out a new ride.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell. ~ Seth Godin

Below are some quick tips for utilizing social media in your business.

When using social media for business, pick two or three social media platforms that you like, and initially focus exclusively on using those in your business. Don’t set up an account for a platform that you know you’ll only use once or twice and won’t enjoy.

If Facebook doesn’t fit your business modus operandi, try Instagram. You may use Instagram from your phone, and Instagram recently rolled out an option to create a business account. What better way to market yourself and your business than through pictures?

When posting information, try to put an image or a video with it that is relevant to the post. According to HubSpot, researchers found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read content by 80 percent.

Not reaching the audience you want on Facebook? For only a dollar a day you may set up an ad to pinpoint your target market and get your page in front of them. If you run your ad for a month, you’ve only spent $30 to reach your desired audience.

Once you have begun the foray into social media, slow down, take time to relax, and put your phone or computer away for a few minutes. Enjoy life.

About the guest author:


Jennifer Seeley is the owner of JSeeley Consulting and works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and entertainers helping them build their social media presence and marketing their businesses.

She has 20 plus years of broadcast and journalism experience and more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience, which includes social media management and outside and inside sales, specializing in business development. Jennifer loves working with clients who want to have fun and enjoy the process of building and maintaining their businesses. Her favorite social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

You may connect with Jennifer by clicking on:

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