Guest blogger, Prof. Peter Nez tells all on how you can land the job you want simply by these simple 3 rules! Peter says…

Every election year we see the most influential variable in determining a winner manifest in the form of three highly publicized events where what’s on paper is set aside and articulating a vision takes center stage, literally.

There are millions and millions of people (mostly young people) getting that same piece of paper all over the world. Striving hard, hitting the books, trying to pay attention to long winded professors at 7:00am on a Saturday; a class they were forced to take because it’s a requirement and there were no other open sections.

I teach Saturday morning classes so I can vouch for this first hand.

It’s considered a great accomplishment by society and personal standards abound.

We’ve been taught our whole lives, since grade school that we needed to get a college degree if we wanted to achieve more.

It was the golden standard.

So you graduated, congratulations. Now what?

What do you mean, now what? I graduated, I got my degree, what else do I need to do? This is what they told me I need to do to get a real job with benefits. Are you telling me that’s not enough?

Yes, my dear graduate, not only is it not enough but it’s not even close.

This is an all too familiar refrain we hear from recent graduates and to circumvent the education debate (which I agree, there needs to be a serious overhaul), you can’t blame it solely on the system, because adults, and yes being 18 or over is considered an adult, need to take ownership of their learning and their ability to envision their own success must not be contingent on GPA alone.

If there is one thing about this 2016 election that can teach us above all, it’s this:

No matter how stellar your credentials, you still need this one thing above all: The ability to articulate your purpose and vision to your audience.

The ability to communicate who you are and what you can do and why that is of any value is worth more than all the pieces of paper in the world that say “I graduated.”

And let me add, not only must you articulate your purpose, which in of itself is a hurdle, but to articulate that vision in a compelling fashion, with style, grace, clarity, and engagement.

Secretary Hillary Clinton’s resume is about as good as it gets when applying for the position of Commander in Chief. She has the piece of paper from the highly prestigious University (Ivy League), she’s been in the White House for eight years alongside her ex-president husband, she’s been Secretary of State, and served in the U.S. Senate.

What more could you ask for? What else do you need?

Answer: A lot.

She must convey value to her audience, she must inspire us. This is the differentiation. The one skill that sets you apart from the pack. And it applies to every field, in every background, in every context imaginable.

The ability to inspire is the number one asset any great leader, executive, organization, storyteller, or business can deploy to compel people to action.

How do you do that?

You need to use that thing under your nose and in between your cheeks. More than for just eating, it can make or break your ability to accomplish anything. And you need to use it well.

You need to look your audience in the eye and tell them why they should care?

Here are three simple applications you can implement right now.

1. Don’t rely solely on credentials

You shouldn’t just throw your C.V. or resume across the desk and pray they find your value on paper.

(If that doesn’t make sense read the earlier paragraph above about Hillary Clinton and her impeccable resume and why that’s not enough.)

Too many job seekers misinterpret the hiring process and assume that their audience will be wowed by their experience and education alone, and that is just dead wrong.

Even though Secretary Clinton has value on paper, maybe more than most, she’s still in a tight race at the moment.

What does that tell you?

She can’t just hold fast to her former expertise, she needs to reach her audience with purpose by communicating value to them right now. She needs to earn their trust by inspiring them.

She basically needs to do more. If you go into any situation with that mindset, a humble understanding that even though I may be qualified and I have all the accolades to prove it, I need to translate those assets into tangible talking points that put a face and a story behind the page — you will see how this simple shift can lead to much more success in any niche you operate in.

2. Communication skills

This should go without saying but I’m going to say it anyway: you need to master your communications skills if you want anything in this life. Period.

The President likes to talk about S.T.E.M studies, but what good is science, technology, engineering, and math, if you can’t communicate it to anybody?

What good is all that knowledge sitting in your noggin if you can’t get it across to your audience?

And you don’t need to learn the craft and art of persuasion by Aristotle, or anything too complex. Just the basics: knowing your audience, understanding who you are, and the ability to craft a clear message accordingly. I have a YouTube video titled ‘The Most Important Skill of the 21st Century’ (see above) that was taken from a keynote I did. Watch it and see why I call the ability to tell your story well the greatest ROI ever.

In the video link below you will see the highly successful real estate investor Barbara Corcoran discuss how vital this is for anyone who wants to be successful in anything they want to do.


3. Execute #1 & #2 w/Practice, Practice, and More Practice

This is not a supernatural skill that you have to be born with. Yes, you can learn to become more comfortable in front of audiences and giving speeches. Go get up in front of people, I mean like a lot.

You can learn the craft of storytelling and all the elements that go into communicating that story in an inspiring, compelling fashion. There is a science to this and it can be mastered fairly stress free. Again, do it a lot.

Nothing closes the gap between you and success more than grit, grinding it out, and perseverance.

I’ve seen talented people waste their talent, because they were too undisciplined, or just plain didn’t want to put in the work.

You need to practice these skill sets over and over and over again, there is no way around it.

You will not find anybody in any field who has reached their goals without putting in the work.

Nothing comes easy and the beautiful thing is that work ethic is the equalizer.

The people who end up being described as “successful” or “visionary” are the ones who refuse to give up. Talent without discipline leads to regret. And regret may arguably be the worst feeling in human existence. Why? Because there is nothing you can do about it.

You won’t see a single voter go into that booth on November 8th and wish they had brought Hillary and Donald’s resume with them for reference. Guaranteed.

What the most public job interview of all mankind teaches us is that paperwork is paperwork. You need to show up and bring your humanity with you.

So, tell me about yourself, what’s your story?

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