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All speeches are customizable to your audience or company. Your audience members will be inspired and walk away with information, fresh ideas, motivation, and the ability to bring success to their goals and wants within career and life.

Take-Charge Success – How to Leverage Your Purpose in Life to Accomplish Your Goals

Stop fretting over it and finally identify what you want to do for a living! Through a simple and effective process Anastasia presents the how to reflect, redirect, and realize how to find the career that is right for you. No more waiting. Finally figure out your purpose, how to fulfill that purpose, and the steps to get it done quickly.

Leading Millennials – What Millennial Leaders Do and How to Motivate Them

There is plenty of media out there on Millennials job-hopping and not being motivated at work, and perhaps you have experienced this a well. Anastasia has a simple method to leading Millennials to be attracted to YOU as a leader. Tap into the Millennial mind and get your team or business to the next level, or two, of productivity and revenue.

Let’s Talk Millennial – How to Attract and Sell to Millennials

Do you think Millennials are a hard market to crack? You may think the highest spending generation in all of human history would be open to buying from you but so why are you, the professional, not able to make this sale? Learn the simple steps on how to tap into the Millennial mind and attract them to your products or services and for you to be seen as a leader in your industry.

“Kids these days…”
it’s heard over and over, but those kids are the future leaders and all we can hope for is the best ,or Anastasia. Anastasia is here to help them not only understand their value, but to embrace their passion and desires and put them in the direction to make a difference in their passions, their careers and their community. A great presentation for millennials and us old folk as well.
Naomi Colwell, Marketing Director & Business Development, Aurora Chamber of Commerce.
If you’re looking for a keynote speaker whose hand is on the “pulse” of her generation, how to engage them and how to improve, motivate and empower your team, she is the person you call. I plan to use her again and again because she clearly has the goods.
Darryle Brown, Director of District 26, Toastmasters
We loved your cheery attitude and humor combined with practical points to help the various generations at Micro Motion work better together. Because of you, we gathered one of our largest audiences to date for a Toastmasters meeting here!
Jet Benitez, Vice-president of Public Relations for Professional Presenters Toastmasters
I need to reach those people wanting to effectively present their ideas in their business, teaching and public speaking. This also included up and coming Millennial speakers. I jumped at the chance to hear Anastasia Button speak to the Toastmasters leaders from Colorado and Wyoming. Using what I learned from her I have seen an increase in the club’s likes on Facebook. I also have found a reason why communicating with my Millennial son has been so difficult. I know Anastasia will boost your bottom line with Millennials.
Jim Roth, Vice-president of Public Relations for Professional Presenters Toastmasters
As someone who works with businesses to help them retain female talent, I will say that this book is a must read for any business working with Millennials, and in particular any millennial looking to find the right career path for them regardless of whether that is working for someone else or building your own business. This book is packed with great advice on what to do and why this is so important for a successful career (or business who employee Millennials).
Maggie Georgopoulos, Author of Up the Ladder in a Skirt
Anastasia Button has done an amazing job in sharing her intuitive view on how Millennials are striving to create a new balance in life. Her new book #NewJobNewLife, is the perfect resource to connect the dots for those who are looking to take-charge of their lives or to gain an understanding on how to collaborate with the Millennial generation.
Charlene Gilman, Author of Man Up! Break Rules! & Host of My Time is Now Podcast
I’m not only recommending every Millennial and employer to read this book, but the parents of Millennials should have #NewJobNewLife on their must-read list too.
Marty Dickenson, Business Author & President, Here Next Year Web Marketing Club

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