Do you feel that you don’t have a purpose in this world? You find it hard to see what you contribute to the world, your work, family or friends? Everyone has a purpose it is the journey to find it that is the tricky part.

Have you ever built a fence? It may just look like you dig a hole, put a post in the hole and nail in some boards between the posts. Done! Right? Well, it actually takes a little more than that to build a fence that will last longer than 3 months or less.

Seaside Road in Boulder, Colorado a man named Chris decided that his front yard needed a fence. It was supposed to be a simple fence and Chris thought that building a simple picket fence would be, well… simple!

He gathered all the tools and supplies: wood posts, wood beams, nails, hammers, and a post digger. Once all the supplies were together he took a nice, warm Saturday to put the fence together thinking it will only take a few hours. So, Chris sets to dig out the postholes.

Unbeknownst to Chris his retired neighbor, Richard, who lived across the street in his beautiful house was peaking through the curtains watching Chris digging holes and after a couple hours placing the posts in the holes. Chris was working hard, the heat was beginning to get to him, he started to drip off liters of sweat and Chris realized that putting the posts in the holes was harder than it seemed. He tried to get them as straight as possible by kicking the dirt to fill the remaining space to steady the posts, but he couldn’t get them straight and the ones that were fell over and tilted without his hands to steady them.

Across the street Richard gave Chris a couple more house toiling over the askew posts until he finally decided he had enough fun. So, he got up and went to his back yard where his shed was located. A few minutes later Chris sees Richard walk across the street with a large shovel-like tool in his hand with a flat heavy mental piece at the bottom. Richard hands Chris his tool and says, “I think this stamper might help you with those posts. You pound the ground with it and will help your posts stay aligned.”

Chris felt relieved from hours of frustration, thanked Richard for the tool, “I’ve been getting frustrated with these posts and was about to call it quits! Thank you Richard.”

“I bet cha’ were. You know, I have a few more tools in my shed that might be of use to your fence project. Follow me. I’ll let you borrow them.”

“That would be great! Thanks again.”

Once Chris reached Richard’s shed he realized just how large it was. Richard slid open the large barn door to his shed with ease. Chris couldn’t help but be amazed with what lay inside: hammers, screwdrivers, boxes of nails and screws, saws of every size, other tools he had never seen before, table saws, drills and not one, but TWO cement mixers! It was the little sister to Home Depot!

Richard grabbed a few tools, something that looked like survey equipment, handed them to Chris and asked, “You know Chris, I got some time would you like a pair of hands to help you out?”

Chris took another glance around the immense toolshed and eagerly replied, “That would be great! You seem to know what to do.”

Chris didn’t fully understand that Richard loved to work with his hands, hence the tool shed and the beautiful house he practically rebuilt. Before Richard retired he was an electrical engineer and loved to tinker the newest tools, building methods, and technology that came throughout the years. However, what Chris didn’t understand was what he was getting into with Richard. He had never worked closely with an engineer before.

Richard and Chris planned out the fence and finally after 7-hours(!!!) they had a more-than-perfect plan for a fence. Engineers LOVE perfection and Richard was no exception — something Chris quickly found out.

It is still unclear if Richard just wanted to help Chris with his fence or if it was because Richard would have to look at it everyday, kinks n’ all. Regardless, Richard and Chris spent more than that Saturday building that fence, but once they were finished the fence could withstand a Mach Five hurricane!

Over the course of Richard’s retirement he helped most of his neighbors with housing and landscaping projects offering his immense tool collection as a resource. Engineer Richard was not comfortable with emotions and did not have many words to say to people, unless it involved construction or science. What he did have was a plethora of knowledge and a supply of tools that he could give.

You may not have a large tool shed like Richard’s mini Home Depot but whether you realize it or not you do have a box filled with tools that are waiting to be used. No matter if you are a social butterfly, an introvert, an engineer or the best communication specialist in the world; what matters is that you can provide.

So, the question remains: what is in your toolbox and what are you doing with them? If you are unsure what tools you have or what your purpose is to yourself and the world check out how to find it just by answering 20 Questions to Find Your Purpose for FREE at You can also find your purpose and how to make a fulfilled life with UBER success with a FREE copy of my book

About the Story: If you are curious about how I found out about this TRUE STORY I’ll tell you how I came to know Richard. Richard was a very close relative. I heard this story about ‘Chris and the Stamper’ at his life celebration ceremony (funeral). The stories told at his celebration were very similar to Chris’s story of my close relative. Richard was an amazing person, traveled the world, and was a giver. I love you Richard. Your neighbors, friends and family miss you dearly.

Kudos to you readers!